So far, so good! Looks like we've survived the Mayan-robo-zombie-teddie-bear apocalypse of 2012. I reckon we should do ourselves some celebrating. How about starting the party off with a bundle of pay-what-you-want RPG books?!

End of the

End of the World

RPG Bundle

Pay What You Want!
3 Games / 2 Playtest Drafts / 6 Wallpapers
Immediate Download

Offer ended January 2nd.

End of the world events are becoming more and more common these days. It's time we spice things up a bit. Introducing the pay-what-you-want End of the End of the World RPG Bundle! That's 3 RPGs, 2 playtest drafts, and 6 wallpapers, all for whatever you would like to pay!

Like your games high on epic fantasy and inevitable betrayals? God-king is the perfect way to prepare yourself for the next End of the World. God-king is the ultimate Betray-Your-Fellow-Man-For-The-Last-Cheesesteak simulator and is sure to keep your scandalous ways sharp and pointy.

Got a hankerin' for some magic hoo-hah? Well The Legerdemain Betrayers sure is got you covered. Four magicians who got their hands on some real, bona fide magical powers have found themself in quite a tight spot - the whole dang magical community that they never knew about is out to get them! This one here is hot off the presses, havin' been just released not two weeks ago so get it while you can still smell the new pixels.

Making it's prime-time debut in this here bundle, Haunt Me is a high-fallutin' experimental short-form game about visitors to a haunted house who are so riddled with guilt that they just can't help gabbin' about their feelings to a group of strangers. Well, there's that and there's the ghost that's threatening to trap them all in the house if they don't admit to and accept the guilt over the worst thing they done ever did.

But, nope, that's not all folks! Yeah, you heard me. With this bundle you'll get to take a look yonder down the path of tabletop RPG development with playtest versions of both God-king and The Legerdemain Betrayers - one from earlier on in the development tube and another that comes from much closer to the end of the boomstick. You'll also get six wallpapers from the pages of The Legerdemain Betrayers and God-king to fancy on up your virtual desktop. If all of that don't sound fancy enough, don't forget that you can pay-what-you-want for this bundle!

What's the Deal?
Aside from all the funny jazz, you may be wondering why I'm running this bundle. Well, the holiday spirit is a big factor but it's been my philosophy that I want to try to keep whatever I make as accessible as possible. Growing up, I was never really able to afford all the expensive games, books or other stuff like that - most of the cool-looking things I wanted were always too far out of reach. I am sure that, for a lot of people, there's always that shiny thing that's just a bit too expensive to get. Even now, I'm only a regular guy that's just barely making enough to pay for my rent and groceries so I can still relate to that. I want to put out RPGs that are not only cool to play but that look nice enough that you'd want to play them. Though, I would like to do that without adding the price-tag typically associated with that kind of thing. I really love what I do and hope to be able to continue spending my time working on projects that I really care about like the ones in this bundle. Hopefully you'll enjoy what you find here. Regardless, happy holidays and here's to the new year!